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Client Testimonials

“My evening attending Psychic Medium Steven Albert

was absolutely amazing & I will hold it near and dear in my heart for all my days, I have never been so touched and so blown away ! if I wasn’t a believer before I certainly am now! This man was spot on , I would recommend him in any of his events to anyone,.. until you’ve had this happen to you, you have no idea-3 specific incidences there’s absolutely no way he could’ve known those details , they were only and strictly between Andy and I… And much respect ~Vita Schneider


“… the other night it sounded like you were trying to come up with a name- like “guessing” Kyle Carl… turns out that’s actually the guys full name- first and middle. You’re good. Amazing. The reading that you gave my friend has helped tremendously… he’s more hopeful than ever and has gotten the help that he desperately needs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. ~Mandy”

“You took my breath away. I never had such an experience in my whole life. The gift you have is incredible. Thank You Steve. Stay Safe and God Bless You Always" ~Lisa

“We cannot thank you enough for the messages from our Dad’s. The fact that they came through together to talk to us validated that they are still the best of friends. A night we will never forget.” ~Michelle

“This reading was such a wonderful gift you gave to Michelle and I!!! Thank you so much!!!!

We were hoping one of our dads would get your attention and come through to us, not only did they both come through, but they waited for you to end the night with them.

Thank you for bringing us peace and joy!” ~Julie


“Thank you Steven for an amazing nite and the gift of my husband coming through at Vanity Nail Solon a few weeks ago… I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! My husband died suddenly.. so many things were left unsaid and he sure had a lot to say  Again thank you.. you have a special gift for sure.. God Bless ” ~Lillian


“I waited 19 years for the closure you gave me tonight. I am now a firm believer, as I was somewhat skeptical. I am forever grateful. I actually had a photo of my friend in my pocket with a small piece of paper that said "do you forgive me or blame me?" I went tonight to get closure I so greatly needed. Thank you for giving that to me.” ~ Kathleen


“This by far was THEE most amazing thing I ever experienced!!!!!! ” ~Ryan


“It was the most amazing thing for me ”~Harold


“Last night was thee most amazing thing ever!” ~Ashley


“Not a dry eye in the place...” ~Beverly


“This was so unbelievable. channeling my brother was pretty intense but I am so thankful. Thank you so much.” ~Tracy


“Thank u so very much for the impactful reading! I will be booking a private reading!” ~Micah


“Thank you so much. My husband, Daniel is still very moved by the connection you made with his grandfather.” Kelly

“Thank you so much. My grandfather and I were very close,when he came through to you it was very emotional for me as I know you could see this. I am still very emotional since the reading. My wife and I would like to set up a private reading in the near future. Thank you again 🙏” Daniel


“I was very moved by the whole night, so many things hit home with me but a little overwhelmed! ~Michelle


“I can’t answer all of you individually, so I will let you all know here: My evening attending Psychic Medium Steven Albert

was absolutely amazing & I will hold it near and dear in my heart for all my days, I have never been so touched and so blown away ! if I wasn’t a believer before I certainly am now! This man was spot on , I would recommend him in any of his events to anyone, I can’t even get a private session for over a year he’s so booked solid… And there’s a reason for that, he’s outrageously good at what he does… And this isn’t some thing he just thought up , he’s been doing it for years only having this gift after a severe skydiving accident when he coded he woke up with so many talking to him he didn’t know what to do with it at first until he learned how to “hone” it and accept it to help others!… To the non- believers: , Say what you want non-believers , until you’ve had this happen to you, you have no idea -

3 specific incidences there’s absolutely no way he could’ve known those details , they were only and strictly between Andy and I… And much respect Vita Schneider ”


"You know Steven, this was my first time joining a group with a Medium. I am going to be transparent with you and tell you I was both afraid and skeptical. I am both moved and in awe of you. You are truly a gift and you have opened my eyes to so much in such a short amount of time. You are an amazing person and I can't wait to join you again. Thank you for sharing your gift with the world. I am honored to have been part of the reading you did last night!~ Nichole

"“Hey this is Joey, from the reading that was in auburn tonight. I wanted to show you the picture I took and you can observe for yourself, thank you for all you’ve done for us. That picture has me and my family crying full of joy letting us know our family is still around and thinking about us.” Joey

“Steven Albert was amazing! EVERY reading was very accurate and raw, things he said no one would've known! it's very hard to find the real deal, and he is it!! Looking forward to attending another event, no matter where it is!!” Brittanee

“I went to a Steven Albert psychic event almost exactly a year ago. I was very depressed, and I was battling Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (a disease that causes dysfunction in almost every single organ system) and chronic pain from serious muscle damage. I also had a lot of life regrets relating to my illness and the way I’d taken my anger of my life circumstances out on others. I also had intrusive thoughts relating to my illness (example: you can go into anaphylactic shock when you have MCAS, and I worried about going into anaphylactic shock while driving and causing a car accident). I was very suicidal, and I thought 2020 would be the year that I finally ended my life. I’d been asking for help and praying for a long time about everything I was going through. I’d say in my thoughts and prayers that I really wanted to make the right decision about either deciding to end my life or deciding to not end my life, but I often felt like I got nowhere from doing it, and I wasn’t sure anything or anyone other than myself could really hear my prayers. Thus, I bought a ticket to a psychic event not knowing if I even believed in psychics. Steven asked me if I was in chronic pain (which I was), and he told me that I was very sensitive (which is also very true considering I had MCAS). He told me that my prayers were heard and that I needed to move on from my regrets and find a way forward in life. He told me to hang on, and he told me that one day I would be better. He also prayed for Archangel Michael to watch over me. I left the event feeling kind of amazed at what had happened and what I’d witnessed. I knew I leaned towards believing him, but I was still left with a lot of uncertainty about what to do, and my mental state continued to be pretty bad. One morning, as I was transitioning from sleep to wakefulness, I heard a song in my head. It was “That’s The Way It Is” by Celine Dion. I was left with a bizarre impression that it had a message from spirit to me, and I went to my computer to look up the lyrics, but it was already dawning on me what the song was about. The song literally says, “I can read your mind, and I know your story. I see what you’re going through.” It also says, “When you want it the most, there’s no easy way out” and “It’s plain to see, if you stick together, you’re gonna find a way.” It was spirit reconfirming the message that Steven had given me. I was really amazed, and I was left pondering the lyrics for weeks. On May 20th, I stayed up past midnight, and I listened to the song again. I focused in on the lyric, “Love comes to those who believe it.” I said to myself, “I think that’s about getting back to loving life, and I think if you really are going to get back to loving life, you have to believe that you can get back to loving life.” I also said to myself, “I do still have doubts regarding this situation, but I believe in living through this experience more than I believe in dying, and I believe that I can get better more than I believe that I can’t.” I went to sleep, but I was woken at about 5:30 in the morning on May 21st to the sensation of hot air being blown on me. I opened my eyes, but I didn’t see anyone. I felt two invisible hands grip each one of my ears, and they started shaking my head. I was freaking out, and I had all kind of thoughts, wondering what was going on. They released me, and then I felt hot air on me once more. I also had the mental image of a blue butterfly. I didn’t know what to make of it all. However, I looked up what a blue butterfly meant and I found something online that said, “The color blue in a butterfly is believed to symbolize joy, beauty, and luck. Sometimes, a blue butterfly is considered a wish granter.” I also realized that day that I was no longer suicidal and seriously depressed. By then, I’d gotten into the habit of asking myself daily if I wanted to die, and I remember thinking to myself that day, “My life is very hard, but no, I do not want to die.” For me to have that degree of certainty with everything I’d been going through in my life was jaw dropping. Yet, I didn’t know what to make of it all. I sought spiritual help yet again, and I was told that I’d had an aura healing from spirit. I was also told that I sometimes channel when I transition from sleep to wakefulness. It was all kind of amazing to hear, and I still think about it every day. I share this in the hopes of encouraging anyone that’s suicidal to go see a psychic medium. I don’t think I’d be alive today without the help of psychic mediums and spirit. The messages that I got were truly what I needed to hear with the life struggles I was facing, and while I still have chronic pain and MCAS, I feel like it’s my life path to continue learning, growing, and figuring out a way forward with all that I face. I’m very grateful that I went to that psychic event, and I know for sure now that Steven really is a psychic medium. Despite the fact that I’m still in chronic pain and have enormous struggles, I do find myself having a lot of happy moments with my heart full of gratitude for all the help I’ve received.”

So I went to see Steven Albert the psychic/ medium last night !! Let me tell you he is AMAZING !! I’ve never witnessed anything like it !! This man is a gift from god and my precious boy who crossed over seems pretty fond of him lol I’m sure he will know what I mean !! Lol. There are a few friends that can vouch for that

I couldn’t sleep last night because of the things he said... I started putting together and realized some stuff after !!.. the couple hours of sleep I did get was full of the people that came thru or the ones that did and I didn’t make the connection till I got home and was thinking about it!!

Two of them have passed and I’ve never dreamt about them !

He helped me so much. Can’t wait to go again !!


Hi Steve,

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible reading from my late husband Bob, last evening. God has truly given you a gift Steve and although this might not be said enough to you, often times, hearing from our loved ones aids in our continued healing. May God bless you and your important work, for I feel that you are an "earth angel." - Debbie

Hi Steven,

You prayed for my mom when I saw you about a month ago, and ever since she has been slowly getting better--we had all sort of given up on that possibility.  (I can count the number of times I have seen her out of bed and dressed since May on one hand, no less up and about.) Yesterday, she actually got dressed, drove herself to an appointment, then did some grocery shopping--and still had energy to complain about my dad not doing the dishes "correctly"!  (she's back!) .  THANK YOU.  And of the other "stuff" you brought up at my reading--too much of it has come to pass/makes sense now for me to even list here!  Have been recommending your readings to anyone who will listen.

Again, THANK YOU for sharing your gift.


I have to say Steven...ever since being at The Energy Lounge in Baldwinsville, and you sharing messages from My Late Husband, My Mom, and My Brother...I have this sense of peace about me now. You helped me heal in one night...from things I was suffering for the last 9 years. You helped to answer questions and I really feel like my soul was cleansed of all the toxic thoughts I have been keeping. Healing me..thanks for that and I'm in the happiest spot that I've ever been. Beautiful Peaceful Feeling!! Thank You, Connie

‘He's the real deal. I heard him speak I was amazed. He's very accurate.’ - Susan


Steve you were amazing tonight (at Mythic).  I had a private reading with you last week and tonight the gallery I would recommend you to anyone- Kathy



Thank you for an awesome evening! I’m so glad my mother came through, and validated it with the same name, and my sister came to visit my niece, brought her to tears! You have a great gift Steve! I recommend this for anyone who needs validation! Your loved ones can reach out to you! ♥️

Steve we came to see you this past Sunday. My BF was with me and was a little uncertain. However you asked him if he had chest pain and that you were seeing a heart beat issue possible AFIB. You told him to not disregard the feelings. We went to his DR for a routine checkup just 2 days later AND  ended up in the ER with AFIB!!

Thank you,



Thank you Psychic Medium Steven Albert for helping me to reach my great grandfather to make some emergency final decisions for his funeral today. I cannot express how grateful I am and how much better I feel knowing I am truly honoring Grandpa’s final wishes. I feel such a sense of relief knowing I am doing the right thing. I also received a message that he misses me very much. I miss you too grandpa, xoxoxo

Thank you Steve for tonight's readings at Soulful Beginnings . As always you were amazing and love hearing the connections with loved ones. Again my ex husband came in for me, and it's comforting to know he is with me.

Had a group reading today. There was one in our group who was afraid of what she would hear. She heard everything she needed to hear. Her mother passed when she was 12, always wanted to hear something from her mom. Wanted validation and she got it. I was happy she had a great reading and right on the money. This is the real thing. I will definitely go back for another reading. He truly has a gift.

Thank you Steve. 

The real beginning of my grief healing started with my first reading from Steven.  The lights acting up, the chills, and learning the cardinals were sent to make me happy (five beautiful red cardinals visited me within 4 days, never had that many come to the feeder before), smelling my husband's scent, vivid dream of being with him so real I thought he was alive.... Diana


"Hi Steve, wanted to share with you a mind blowing validation of today’s visit with you! 
You mentioned Kandyce I said I have a Kandyce our 8 year old granddaughter! you then went on to say that she was good with numbers and needs to be in an excellerated math program! Then odd but something about a build a Bear! 
Well .... as soon as I get in my car I am texting my daughter and told her what you said! She comes back with Kandyce plays the recording every night of my husband (your dad) lol and I saying Sweet dreams Kandyce Nonnie and Poppi love you! 
But her is the knock out validating further ... they were on their way to build a Bear as we spoke! Kandyce has a blankie that is deteriorating (had it since birth) and they were going to build a Bear putting blankie inside too so she will always have it with her! 
Oh and the numbers ... you were spot on with that also! 
You were awesome today! It was a pleasure spending the afternoon with you! What a beautiful gift you were blessed with! God Bless and see you soon!  - Patti"

Hey Steve-

Just want to tell you, you have an unbelievable gift in channeling and communicating with the spirit world, the best I've ever seen (have seen 6 others from CA to NY). Saw you mid Nov, was blown away and then this group last Saturday. I have referred you to over 20 people easy, and they refer others too. You communicated with my Mom but especially my husband who died a year ago,  all true to the tee, told stories, talked like him, told me soooo many things and even told me something I have NEVER told anyone before ever. 99% was all validated. We had a great 26 yrs together and proof he is all around me, so thank you for connecting us back together from there to here. It gives me continued hope and belief and truth our loved ones live with us forever and love never dies. You are a true miracle as to what you do for so many people. Do you pick up new different things each time a person has a different reading? This last time you picked up on about 8 or 9 different things not mentioned in my last Nov reading....? It was amazing.

Take Care, Lynn


Steve is the real deal! It’s so comforting to know that your loved ones are still with you loving, guiding and supporting you. Steve’s story is amazing and so is his connection with the “other side.” If you’re not a believer you will be after a session with him! Book now!



I was amazed start to finish.....THANK YOU SO MUCH...




You were truly amazing last night at Mythic Treasures.  I was one of the 3 who monopolized the evening with my brother and niece.  You are truly gifted and were spot on the entire night.  I look forward to seeing you again, and we will be booking a Group Reading very soon.  Thanks again.



Steve is an amazing person !!

Always spot on and has helped my family out tremendously . The only person I go and see now and it’s probably 5/6 times a year anytime I have questions or need answers he always helps with those and has never been wrong !!

Thank you Steve for your beautiful gift and sharing with us all .

Hi Steven,

My husband is one of the biggest skeptics in the world and generally doesn't trust anything anyone says - especially a psychic medium. But when you walk into a room and a total stranger tells you things about your life that there is no possible way to know - you become a believer. Telling my husband he used to "play" in drainage culverts when he was a child and telling me where I placed a very specific item that no one else knows about, definitely made him believe that you are real. He left our reading at peace with the information he was given and is grateful to have had the experience. He even asked when we are going to go again!!!! Thank you for sharing your gift!

Jessica & Greg



 Hi Steven,

I wanted to give you a stellar review as the reading I had yesterday was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. I still am in shock. I literally could not even get my pen out of my purse or figure out how to set the recorder on my phone before I was blown away. I have paid 100’s for well known psychics and no one has come close to what you have told me.

I lost my 14 year old daughter to suicide, and before I even sat down you knew why I was there and what I needed to hear. I don't even think you even asked me. You were 99% spot on to everything, I only guess that the reading after me figured out about the ruby red ring or pendant?  But yet I also haven’t opened the jewelry box that you described in detail. Even as I was leaving you were giving me more reassurance and signs. I can’t wait to see you again. Never will I go anywhere else. You are truly blessed, and I believe it was a divine intervention that I found your Facebook page to begin with.
To me you are an actual Angel for sharing your gift with me.
Thank you so much.


Hi Steven,

We want to thank you for the reading this past Wednesday.   We know we did not make it easy on you by being late and bringing the baby with us.  You were able to still able to read for us and bring us happiness with the messages you were able to share.   Thank you for being patient with us with all of the obstacles we gave you.   Best wishes for 2019.
Laurie and Jessica



Hi Steven!

So I saw you today and just got done talking to my mom. The man in suspenders that collected coins was her grandfather that passed away when I was a baby.
And with the woman talking about the chairs. I have my great grandmothers dining room chairs in my house currently.

I just wanted to say I really appreciated what you’ve done for me. Words can’t explain !


My 2 daughters and I were so excited to have our reading with Steven.
He made us feel very comfortable, not only with his own personality, but knowing exactly the personalities of those who came through to us. We now have closure regarding my moms passing and hearing intimate details of our past truly touched our hearts.
One of my daughters has never been to anything like this , so she really didn’t know what to expect. She was blown away by the details Steven shared about events, our personal feelings and those he brought through. It was truly an amazing experience, not only for her, but for all of us!
We encourage anyone who is thinking about attending a session, to be open to it and give Steven a try. You will not be disappointed!

I just wanted to say thank you. 

My 2 cousins, my girlfriend and I came to you Saturday.  My female cousin and I came to you before, but the other two were disbelievers.  They are believers now.
I am so glad you were able to speak to a past friend of my cousin.  He was feeling so guilty for not stopping his suicide.
You were spot on for my father thanking my mother for viewing his body one more time at the funeral home before he was cremated.  I called to confirm it was her and she said yes.  I could not believe it. 
I am trying to get her to come to you so she can her from my dad herself, although she says she does at her own home already.
We all went to dinner after and were so pleased with all that you said.  You made believers out of them.
I will see you again in the future. 

You are truly a special person with an amazing gift.



Hi Steven...

Thank you for your reading last night...I am in awe of you.  I felt the energy when we walked in and it stayed with me when we left.  I have been to 2 others in the past 3 years and you by far were the best...I truly believe you are the real deal.  I googled mediums and I came across you, read your bio and I immediately felt a good vibe and I was 100% right.  Your stories you shared were so intriguing , I could have listened to you for hours. 

I will come to you again and I want to bring my cousin.

Thank you so much...take care. 



Hi Steve,

Don't know if you remember our visit two weeks ago or not. Just wanted to thank you for pointing out my heart problem and letting you know I went into the hospital for three days afterwards and am having heart procedures done tomorrow. Thank you so much!


Hi Steven,

During my last reading with you, you had mentioned I had pains and cysts of some sort. About a week or two after I saw you, I had terrible pains in my side. Wasn't sure what it was and even considered it to be possibly be appendicitis. As soon as I felt my abdomen, I felt a large mass. Two days later I was at the doctor's office having an ultrasound. I have at least four very large fibroid tumors and will have them removed in two weeks. Thank you for preparing me for the news. Hope all is well.





Hi Steven!
I wanted to thank you again for coming out to Sodus last Friday to meet with my family and me. I had told them of your special gift and knew they would believe as I do! You did not disappoint and it was a day to remember!!

My niece Jackie from Colorado certainly will NOT forget you!!

Maybe we'll want you to follow up sometime.... you never know! But one thing certain, the Cardinals I have seen in my yard are definitely my mom & dad, and I think I knew that even before you said it! 

Thank you for what you do Steven! You are truly a gift!!




Hi Steven,

I have not had the chance to meet you yet, but my mom and both sisters have been to see you. Actually my mom came for her reading with one sister, and when the other sister was up visiting, my mom tagged along for hers. In what my mom has told me, you have been spot on, thus far. A death was foretold for someone close to my sister and while I was visiting, that death had happened. Mention of a neighbor my mom was close with having breast cancer, my mom called to tell said neighbor, and a few days later the neighbor messaged my mom and said she found a lump.

The peace you have given my mom with relatives we have lost has been amazing.

I can't speak for my sisters, but my mom is in awe of you and sings your praises.

God Bless Steven and all that you do for people.



Hello Steven,

My sister and I had a reading on Friday and It was Great!!  The phrase kept coming up"-picture by the window"

"they" mentioned the blue room, bath shower curtain, yellow....well,  my bathroom is mainly blue (I rent so I did 

not really pay attention to what color it really is), my shower curtain has yellow in it and "the picture by the window"

is on the shelf by my bathroom window, it is of my MOM, myself, my sister, sister- in- law, and her son, and when I 

got home Sat evening, I went into the bathroom and the photo was moved to the far left of the shelf , closer to the window, 

I called My sister right away and told her this and she asked me if I could have moved the photo and I told her that I never touch the photo unless I am dusting the shelf...!!AWESOME!!!

We listened to the session again and picked out more that has meanings to us...the black vehicle, and driving drunk was 

actually My Daughter Sam..I try to put that out of my mind because she is working towards making her life right again, that is why we did not remember that on Friday, 

I want to THANK YOU again for the reading!

Best to you,

Till the next time we see you,




Hi Steven, 
About 4 months ago I came to have a reading with you and you told me that my husband Thomas who passed, said that in death he left me something special and to look for it. By chance I went to a cupboard that I had cleaned out a month before to get a glass out of it. I found a piece of a small rug that wasn't there before. Under it was my husband wedding ring that he lost down a long pipe at a construction site many many years earlier. He told me he was so hurt that it came off and went down the pipe, and that he would never have it back! He was so upset I went and got a new ring for him. The new ring we got was not inscribed, we just left it plain. Now the one I just found in the cupboard was the very first ring he had and lost. It had the date of our wedding inscribed on it. It had mud on it and it was the one he had lost. In spirit form he found a way to get that ring from the earth and bring it back to me. Now I have both of his rings.
Thank you Steven for connecting us and for this great gift!
I can never thank you enough!
God bless you,


Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for yesterday, it means the world that you could bring my dad back to me. 

There was a part where you said that the lawn at my fathers house wasn't being taken care of and I had told you that was highly unlikely...You'd be surprised to hear that my brother had not mowed the lawn in over a month! He immediately went and mowed when I told him. 

I hope to be able to come see you again in the future. 

It brings me great comfort knowing that he's around. 



Hi Steve,

Thank you so much for the reading the other day. It was exactly what my daughter and I needed to help with our grieving process. You are amazing and I am recommending you to EVERYONE I know!​


Hi Steve:

I had to write to thank you so much for the wonderful reading yesterday. I can honestly say that I feel emotionally lighter today and what a great feeling that is.  

I just can’t believe the context of yesterday and the level of detail provided.

Also, I did listen to our session last night and can make further connections to what you communicated during our session.

You truly have a gift, and I thank you much for sharing it with others.

I am raving about you!!!!! Thank you again.




Received after a reading for local Country Music Singing Star Josie Waverly.

Hi Steven.

 Thank you for reading my sister Donna and I last night.

Ok so maybe I am a little skeptic....but last night you asked "is there a stuffed animal on the bed with red on it that someone sleeps with?" you went on to tell me that my granddaughter who passed dragged it with all her might to hide it. This morning my grandson who I watch came in my house and he had a little dog with a big red nose. I asked where he got it and why he brought it with him today. He said I sleep with it but I lost it a little while ago and finally found it under my train table so I needed to bring it with me so I don't lose it again. Bingo! You are making me more of a believer....

Perhaps if I come back again I will leave my sister at home and hog all the reading!! hahahaha.....

Oh btw as for my career......this is me!

Best wishes,



Hi Steve,

I have to let you know when I asked you about my spot on my lung you said you did not see one . That's because when I returned to the doctor after my C scan it was completely gone. You are amazing, as is my Lord who removed it.

Just wanted to let you know , you were right on.

Thank You for the wonderful reading . And the help down those stairs. lol

With Love Patty


"He is gifted ... and I look forward to seeing him again .. he has grown so much ... he has come so far ... My Hero .. A Beautiful Soul"


Thank you so much Steve for the reading today.

Angela and I really needed that closure and peace in our heart. We absolutely adore you, and we definitely want you to do a group reading if that's something you would like to do of course!

Again I can't say thank you enough! You are definitely a gifted soul.


Hi Steven,

I'm so grateful to you that I decided to write a review for your web page if you want it.

My house is peaceful and cozy again, thanks to you! I had been terrified by two evil spirits for quite some time. I dreaded coming home. I saw shadows, felt something watching me, experienced trouble with my electronics, heard footsteps, and eventually saw a spirit walk through my kitchen table. It was horrifying and beyond frightening for me, especially since I live alone part time and with my little boy sometimes. I couldn't let him out of my sight that entire time. I didn't tell you everything that I saw, heard, or experienced. I didn't even tell you what the female spirit looked like. But when you came to my house you saw her immediately (from outside !) and you even described her to me. You told me things that had happened that I didn't tell you, but you knew them. You were able to cast both spirits out of the house. Again, I didn't even tell you that there were two of them, even though I sensed it. Before you came, I was afraid to contact you because I am a born again Christian, and I know the scriptures that condemn mediums. But the churches I called either couldn't or wouldn't help me. I was terrified to go to sleep and to move from room to room in my own home. As soon as you cast them out, I got my life back. It comforted me to see you use a cross and anointing oil and to hear you say the Lord's prayer and other familiar prayers. I could actually feel the spirits leave as you were praying. It has been over a week and my house is still peaceful and cozy. I love my house again. I can't thank you enough. I believe that you are a true Christian, and that God's work is being done by you and through you.

May God bless you and your work in Him.

Thank you for giving me my life and home back!!! --Jennifer

Steve its Leah.

I came to your loft about Mike and my boyfriend Alex's grandma.

We heard the foot steps at your house, hope you remember.

You told me in 3 I was gonna be pregnant.. Well 3 days late into my cycle I found out I'm prego and hopefully it's with a girl. I will let u know!



Good morning Steve,
Last night was a success. Devon brought his stuff back into his room and fell right to sleep and didn't wake up at all during the night which rarely happens. He said he doesn't see the man and doesn't feel him in his room anymore, and he feels better in there now.

Thank you again for coming to our home and guiding the man to where he needed to be.

You are a true life saver!


Hi Steve,

I had a reading with you this past Monday.  I never do this but I just have to say the reading I had with you was so fulfilling. I told you about my deceased uncle's navy discharged papers, and asked you where they were? You told me and I found them today.

My uncle was cremated and will be entombed/buried Saturday.  Because I found the paper work he will have taps played by the Navy, the flag folded, and presented to my mom his sister.

You just can't understand how much this means to me and I thank you so much!!! 


Hi Steve,

My daughter and I have had a few readings with you and I would like to say you were right on point with all that you told us. You kept asking my daughter if she was pregnant and she was saying that she was not. She even went out that day and took a pregnancy test that came up negative. About 2 weeks later she took another one and it was positive. She went to the doctors and they did an ultra sound and she was 6 weeks along. You also said it would be a girl and she could be breach. Well they did another ultra sound and she is most definitely having a girl and while doing the ultra sound the tech noted that the baby was in a breach position.

Thank you so much! You truly have a gift and the way you share it truly amazing. Keep up your wonderful work. I can't wait to have another reading.


Thank you for tonight Steve.

I already feel a little lighter and less worried than usual. I also thank you for the awareness you gave me while driving on the road. You have a wonderful gift. I'm so glad we met you. Have a great night.


Hi Steven,
I hope you are well and had a nice Thanksgiving.
My mom and I met with you on September 9th. Her main concern was how long did her elderly mom have to live. You told us you saw the number 2. Well, today...2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days later....she died at 2:15 pm. I reminded my mom of this tonight and she felt peace knowing that this means it was her time. Thank you for that.
Thank you again for all your insight and we look forward to meeting with you again in the new year!!
Happy Holidays,

Hi Steve,

I came to one of your gallery readings at lightways back in the spring. My grandmother came through and told you about my father Terry's immune thrombocytopenia, and you subsequently went to his house in Hamlin to pray for him. I wanted to let you know that he did go through the four chemo treatments and hasn't needed a platelet booster in two months. They are holding steady and his prognosis looks good. I am certain your prayer had a large role in that, so thank you so much on behalf of my family.

Looking forward to booking our own reading.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Hey Steve,

Thank you so much again!

I had been having severe neck and shoulder pains and headaches, and since you prayed over me its been gone. Maybe that negative energy attached to me is gone too!

 Thank you!

I feel like you and God saved my life. 



Hi Steve,

We had a reading done in June, and we had seen you earlier at a group reading in Brockport. At the group reading you mentioned to get my Left eye checked, (which I was seen a month previously for, and they wanted me to see a specialist)

Then at the reading with my sister at your apartment, you also mentioned my eye and prayed over me.

Well I went to see the specialist and he said he was not sure why I was there because all the tests were OK, and what the doctor had seen earlier was not there anymore!!!

I want to thank you very much. Our experience with you was great.




I had an interesting reading recently with an older woman.

I was going on and on about a rocker guy she dated who died from an overdose, and gave a bunch of other things about him, how he wrote poems, sang in a band, died tragically, etc...

I validated some things about their relationship, and the woman just kept smiling.

It didn't really hit me until I heard the passed male say, "The Doors".

I was connecting with Jim Morrison.

She dated him when she was 17.

Very Cool...

HI Steven,

"You asked me to let you know how the healing/medical prayer went and I have to say "WOW" my pain has been cut in half some days maybe more. It's so nice to wake up and just lay in bed and not think I need to get up immediately and move around because I hurt so bad.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I am praying I continue to get even better. Will be back to see you again soon."
Thanks Again.


I directed the Rochester Police department on where to find the body of a missing Greece NY man, who was found in the Erie canal.

Hi Steven,

"I was skeptical at first, but whatever u did, did something for my son even tho he wasn't here when u came over..I didn't tell him u were here. He had no idea that u came to our house. My son wouldn't step foot in his room before u came. My sister dropped him off this morning and when I took him upstairs he went right to his room he has been playing with his toys in his room and he usually doesn't do that. I even walked downstairs and left him up there by himself and he is singing and playing. I haven't heard him say one word about "the shadow that scares him" or that "something won't stop saying bad things to him". I don't have that same fear when I walk upstairs either, it feels like a home now, and before it just felt like evil.

Thank u for Everything u did to help us!

I have a lot of family and friends that are amazed by what u did for us!! You definitely have a gift, and it's amazing how u chose to use that gift to help others!"

Thank you so much,



"Hi Steven,

You read Bonnie and me in Newark on May 2.

The concern I had with my legs was a huge one!

You did a healing prayer for me at end of your session.

I want you to know how much better I am doing!! This was the ultimate result of the session. Your Healing Gift is as astounding as your Psychic Ability.

Thank you hardly seems the adequate words!

I have referred my brother to you. He has responded positively to seeing you.

Very surprising, but I know he has had it with his situation, and it is time."

Thank you,




Through the grace of God you saved me and Josh.

I cannot thank you enough. I owe you all I have. The darkness has been lifted from my shoulders and it's like I'm seeing the world with a fresh set of eyes today.

I hope and pray the dark spirit is gone.

Another thing happened today. I had to stop at the drugstore, and there is a woman who works there who I felt compelled to tell my story about how you healed me. She said that she could see "it" before and it was feisty. She said it's not there anymore!

I've realized that every horrible thought and feeling I've ever had was never coming from me to begin with. I never had depression or anxiety. I was just oppressed for years. It feels so good to be free! Words can never express how thankful I am for you and for God having answered my prayers. "

Thank you,




Over the weeks since your reading, the few points I denied or wasn't sure of the answer have now proven to be correct. During random times the connection to a name, the physical attribute I didn't see in her but she did, the true analysis of a relationship and even a dead deer, all came to me.

It is amazing to me that you can find things so buried within me that I actually denied them.

Thank you for the great reading!"



Hi Krissie,

How has Ryan been since I prayed over him last week to remove the "dark thing" attached to him?

" Ryan had a fantastic weekend at camp with absolutely no fear of anything whatsoever. He played outside in the pitch black with all of his friends until God knows what hour. It was absolutely amazing, and his behavior was superb!!!

Ryan was a totally different kid this weekend, and we thoroughly enjoyed every moment with him.

We are firm believers, and true supporters of you!!!! "

Thank you,



"Hi Steven,

I wanted to update you on my stepson Hunter. You rid him of his "dark company".

He is doing well. He does not have any further issues at this time.

Remember my Aunt Debbie? You prayed over her . She has the end stage liver failure.

She got really really bad, but since you prayed over her she has improved.

Although she isn't wonderful, she is much much better, and we only hope for continued improvement!!




"Hello Steven,

Thank you for the Group Reading last night.

I am in awe of your talent. 

All of us enjoyed it, and were in awe of your accuracy!

Thank you a million times over for your gift!


"Hi Steven,

Thank you !Thank you !Thank you! for our Group Reading last night.

Seriously you're amazing! Thank you for all the "extra time".

God Bless you!



"Hi Steven,

I just wanted to let you know you you were spot on when you said I would be pregnant very soon... I just found out I am!!

Thank you for a wonderful reading.

My friends and I would like to do a group reading soon.

Take care,



This is an email received after performing a House Cleansing for a woman who not only felt the presence of a spirit following her around in her house, but found a carving knife from the kitchen propped up on her closet floor. It appeared to be put there by "something" for her to step on, harm her, etc..

"Good morning Steven,

Thanks for checking back with me.

I don't feel him around the house anymore!

I even went into that room in the basement the other day and it just feels like a normal room. It's such a Refreshing feeling.

Thank you SO much!



"Hi Steven,

I'm not sure if you remember me or not. I was at the group reading at Dana's house back in October. During the reading you knew that I was pregnant, and you told me that I was going to have a girl. My husband and I went to the doctor's yesterday and had the full anatomy ultrasound. We are going to have a girl!

We were very happy about the news!

Thank you for the Reading!



"Morning Steven!

A friend and I attended the group reading at Victor Library last night and thought it was great! You are a blessing to those looking for answers and peace.  :)

Thank you,



"Hi Steve,

I was at the Victor Library reading you did last night, and I would just like to say what a powerful thing you do to help people. It is truly amazing!

Thank you,



"Hi Steve,

I was at the reading in Victor last night and was blown away!

I would like to see up a private reading with my mom and I if possible!

Thank you,




A week ago today, you visited spirits in my home who offered events and wording only they, me ,and now you would know.

The same for current events regarding family, and a sick neighbor.

You are the "real deal" .....offering comfort and compassion!

Your next visit will be as my life coach.




I just thought u would want to know that when u saw the pig/ boars head that was going to be up on the wall, my son and his buddies had just been at the taxidermy with their boars to have them worked on. It is going to be up on the wall shortly.

 The best one though, is when u saw him rescuing the man with the arm blown off, and saying he was supposed to b thanked. I spoke with my son and that did happen!! He carried a marine buddy out of a fire fight whose arm was blown off. Him and two others were recommended for the bronze star but didn't get it !! And he does have tinnitus like you said, at least 3-5 X a day due to injuries.

You were spot on with what u said!

When my son gets back here sometimes in the next 6 months hell set up an appt with you. Thank you!! Also I'll email u in a week or so to set up something with my daughter and I together -- she can't wait to meet you too.



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