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My Readings are about Communication and Validation.

I communicate with the energy of both living and passed people, picking up facts and messages from them.

I then tell you what I get, and ask you to validate what I receive.

Currently booked out 2 months, please sign up on the waitlist for cancelations and openings.

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Look me up on Facebook to see a list of my large Gallery events!

Private Reading

For 1  person it is $80

For 2 people (sitting together) it is $100

The reading is 1 hour long.


Group Readings at my place 

For 3-more people (sitting together at my place), the reading costs is $50.00 per person. So a group of 4 would be $200

The reading is 1 1/2 hours long.

If more than 8 people, I will need to go to your home for the Reading. To travel to your home please reach out to us to find out the minimum cost to travel to your place. 

*** Depending on the drive time needed to get to your home, we will need to discuss the appointment time AND cost (minimum travel cost - based on distance/time to get there).  The 6:00pm appointment slot is the only available time for a 'travel' group reading. Please email with any questions.

*Make sure and check your Voice Mail and Email before your reading for any schedule changes

*If you are having me travel to you for a group reading, make sure you pick the 6pm appointment. I usually have back to back readings, and don't have travel time available for earlier appointments.

* I prefer readings be done at my apartment unless a client can't get here due to physical limitations, or there is a Group reading of more than 8 people.

* Currently I only do readings in person. I do not do remote readings via phone, or video chat.

* You are welcome to Record your Reading.

* Kids under 16 are free for private appts.

* I Only accept cash. Please come prepared.

* Please come ON TIME  - I consider 10 mins late a 'no show' (unless communicated before hand via email or txt).

*Gift Certificates are available*


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