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My name is Steven Albert, and I am a Psychic Medium Healer who channels messages from LOVED ones.

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Some Mediums are born with their abilities, and some Mediums attain their abilities after an accident of some kind. That is what happened to me.

I was a skydiving instructor for 10 years, with 3,000 jumps.

My abilities came about after I was in a very serious skydiving accident on one of my jumps.

In the accident I sustained a Very serious head/ears injury.

I had to lay perfectly still in bed for an entire year with my eyes covered due to the head injuries I sustained. At the end of the year some high tech head surgery was performed and it took me two more years to recover.

I had to learn to use my eyes to see again, to read again, and had to learn to walk all over again.

That was my world from 1995 through 1998.


Shortly after I got better something very strange started happening.

First I started experiencing Paranormal activity, which had never happened before the accident. I would be at friends' homes or out at stores and would see glimpses of people who would quickly vanish, hear footsteps, hear whispering, feel cold spots, etc...It was all new to me and had me wondering what was going on. Was this a symptom of my injury, was I crazy? I was very confused because it had never happened until the accident. These things kept happening again and again everywhere I went.

I finally figured out that everything I was experiencing seemed to be about dead people whose spirits were now around me.


Then one day it all got even crazier!

I was out at a restaurant and I could hear a man talking clearly to me in my head. I could easily see it was not anybody around me who was talking. When I listened closely it sounded like he was talking to me, but about someone who was in my presence. He kept asking me to talk to his son, over and over again. I only heard it when I looked at the man sitting next to me, so I figured the voice was talking about him.

I was literally shaking when I approached the man and his wife, and tried to tell him what was happening, and that I thought his dead father was talking to me.

I told the couple about what happened to me and asked if they would like to hear what was being said to me. They did.

I ended up doing my very first Reading ever in a restaurant that night.

My Psychic Medium abilities have grown stronger and stronger through the years. I amaze myself with the things I can pick up about people!

I will make a believer out of you! Come sit with me and see!




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