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Steven T. Albert

February 25, 1963-December 20, 2022


Steven has passed “Beyond" one last time.  He was trusted and loved for his generosity of spirit, non-judgmental candor, and the excitement and joy he found in helping so many connect to loved ones on the other side.  For over twenty years, he helped bring answers, comfort, connection, and closure to those grieving a loss here in the physical world.  He loved his work, and through it he proved that our soul energies continue beyond the limits of the physical body.   We like to imagine he received a standing ovation from grateful souls on the other side when he arrived, and we know that he will continue to work in whatever way he is needed or called in the Beyond.


We will no longer be updating Steve’s website, but we will continue to maintain the Facebook and Instagram pages, and have some interesting plans for the future with continuing events in order to allow people to reach out to their loved ones for healing. Please continue to share your experiences and any special memories you had with Steve his Facebook page Moving Beyond (ILMO Psychic Medium Steven Albert)

Thank you for all your support



What would you do if I walked up to you in a restaurant or store, and said that I had a dead relative or friend of yours who wanted to talk to you?


Would you laugh and walk away?

Would you get angry and tell me to get lost?


Would you listen for a minute to see if I sounded for real?


I think it is a very hard thing to believe in the unknown.

It opens up a question in your thinking that you always thought you had the answer for.

We all have things that we know as fact.

They are stored away in our minds as things we can trust and believe in.

What about things presented to us that are unknown?

I guess as humans we first decide if we have ever experienced the unknown.

If not, we either give it a chance as a possible occurence, or dismiss it as not possible...


I did not believe in Mediums until much later in life, 1999 to be exact.

That will be explained a little later in the web site.

So I understand the awkwardness I feel in someone when I tell them I am a Medium!


Mediums have been around for a long time. There are many different kinds of Mediums out there.

Some use physical items like Ouija Boards, Crystals, Tea Leaves, Charms, make connections. They use these items to try and pick up the intentions of the dead.

Other Mediums like The Long Island Medium, Chip Coffey, Amy Allan, John Edward, and Myself hear the dead speak to us in our mind. It is like listening to someone on the telephone, but instead of the voice being heard in your ear, it is heard in your mind.


All of us are made up of Energy.

I see how bright each of our energy is when I look at people.

Think of it as looking at a light bulb when you look at someone.

Some people have a very bright light, or strong energy, and some have dimmer lights and weaker energies.

That is the best example I can give to help explain energy visually.

Think of energy as someone's huge personal white board. Everything they have ever done is written on their whiteboard. Mediums have the ability to see that whiteboard, and read facts off it as well as actively communicate with it.


I also pick up facts about living people. I pass people all day long and can pick up things about them they wouldn't believe...Everything from medical issues to things they have done in their past.

How would you feel if when you passed someone in Wegmans you knew they were sick with Cancer and maybe they didn't know, or that their dead loved one was screaming out to talk to them.

It is sometimes very awkward to see and feel all that I do when being around people.

I love being a Psychic Medium, and will use my abilities to help people until I can't someday.


Sit with me and let me make you a Believer!

Private reading location Newark, NY United States

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